Jevko Research

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Have a look at the current and proposed research projects based on Jevko. Some of these need support and funding!

Improve ActivityPub and more with Jevko

This is the latest research project related to Jevko that I am seeking funding for.

This project aims to introduce Jevko into the internet commons by investigating the potential of JDAML for improving ActivityPub.

See the grant proposal to improve ActivityPub with Jevko to find out more.

Jevko Data And Markup Language

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Jevko Data And Markup Language (JDAML) is an experimental XML-like format built on Jevko that works equally well for data interchange, configuration, and text markup.

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It is meant to be a minimal and simple complement or an alternative to formats and syntaxes such as HTML, XML, JSX, JSON, YAML, TOML, etc.

Several additional formats were designed on top of JDAML, including ones similar to Markdown or JSX. Integration with JavaScript was also explored and implemented.

Wizardlang: Jevko for prototyping programming lanugages

This was a fun little project that demonstrates the utility of Jevko in programming language research and development.

It took about 6 months and produced a 260 KB Markdown file of over 15000 lines, mostly code.

All of this from manually translating 600+ pages of code snippets from the book “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs” into a semi-hypothetical programming language based on Jevko that was designed at the same time.

More resources and projects

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There are more resources available about Jevko, such as examples, user implementations, projects and formats based on Jevko, articles about Jevko, Jevko-based software, syntax highlighting for code editors, social media, and more.