More Jevko resources

This page lists various resources related to Jevko, such as examples, user implementations, projects and formats based on Jevko, articles about Jevko, Jevko-based software, syntax highlighting for code editors, social media, and more.

Community implementations and examples

jevko/community on GitHub lists several implementations of Jevko in various programming languages by different authors. It also contains examples of what some users did with Jevko. jevko/examples contains a few more simple examples.

Jevko for prototyping programming lanugages

Designing a programming language with Jevko by manually translating 600+ pages of code snippets from the book “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs”.

Writing about Jevko

jevko/writing on GitHub has some articles about Jevko and other topics.

Old software

There are:

Syntax highlighting

Integration with tools, editors, IDEs

Command Line Interface

News, social media, other

You can follow Jevko on Mastodon or subscribe to the RSS channel for latest news.

You can also follow the official Jevko organizations on GitHub and Codeberg to track the latest developments.

There is also an official /r/jevko subreddit.

Jevko-related resources can also be found at the official Jevko profile on and the official Jevko YouTube channel.